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the NEW new teen titans by ZenaStar the NEW new teen titans by ZenaStar
1. raven (i made her teeny tiny). 16yrs old. she would probably have her legs covered up (if you consider how she nearly always has her hood up as if she’s hiding but bizzarely she has her legs out?

personality wise i think she’d be still quite quiet and perfers to be alone like in the comics but warms up to them more as time goes along like in the cartoon and would still have the really snarky attitude because funny raven with a personality is best raven

2. starfire. 18 yrs old. i think i’ll probably end up splitting that suit into a top/shorts because even though i like covered up super ladies, kory ain’t kory without some more skin. although it probably wont be much more skin.

she’d probably act a bit like in the cartoon and be a little alien-ish and try to share all her weird food but i also think she’d be much more battle-lusty and would like to show off her rockin’ bod more because i like her comics confidence

3. wonder girl. 17 yrs old. basically just used donna’s 2nd wonder girl outfit but with less cleavage and more ponytail for YOUTHFULNESS!

she’d maybe butt heads a little bit with robin and beast boy like in the comics but since she’d not really in either TT or YJ cartoons i’ve never gotten a good grip on her personality :(

4. terra. 15 yrs old. i like the cartoon terra because she’s sympathetic and her scrawnyness is equal to being…not very strong. she’s really tragic and i feel her. i think her hair would need to be tied back but there’d always be these kind of grosslimp strands hanging out because she’s not as appearance-conscious as the other girls

she’d definitely be ‘led astray’ by deathstroke and not be all evil and horrible and malicious from the start

5. jericho. 17 yrs old. i just simplified one of his modern costumes/appearances. i really love him when he’s nice but nice joey = mutton chops and i’ve not met a teenager in this modern era who has those.

he would DEFINITELY still be mute but then he could be a lot more physically expressive like, resorting to charades around beast boy and he’d probably get a little more frustrated because his comic personality is a bit soppy somtimes. i think he might sometimes he a bit of a silent snarker so he’d get on with raven :)

6. nightwing. 18 yrs old. i wanted to keep more of the disco suit inspiration but…its just too spangly, i couldnt do it.

i love dick in YJ because of all those words like ‘stay whelmed’ and ‘i’m feeling the aster’ so i think he’d act like that and maybe be a bit reckless as a leader (more like the robin in TT) also i think he’d definitly have those sweet hacker skills

7. beast boy. 14 yrs old. gooosh i love gar. gave him black leggings to break up that eyesore of a red outfit and kep him looking a bit skinny like in the cartoons instead of hairy and buff (although i kind of like that!)

being the youngest i think he’d still be a bit of a ‘sad clown’ but feel a bit left out because everyone’s quite a bit older than him. i think he’d be much more TT than YJ personality wise.

8. cyborg. 19 years old. i liked when i saw him with glowing skin circuitry and less bulky armour but you’ve got to have that 1 red eye

he’d also have his TT personality and be all big fun, but with all these insecurities and he and BB would have their totally epic bromance, video games and playing stankball or whatever

definitely tinking of a time setting like, just after the judas contract after terra goes out and joey comes in, so i can do re-draws of the stories i like or soemthing???
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OsmiumMachine Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
You should add a hero, mind you. ;)
Ravisk Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2013  Student Photographer
You forgot Speedy, Kid Flash and Aqualad!!
ZenaStar Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
:O i- um, i don't have a good enought excuse!!! my favourite titans stories had wonder girl, nightwing, starfire, raven, cyborg, beast boy and jericho in the group!! other people came and went but they weren't like, always a part of the team??
i do love those 3 boys though i may have to draw them sometime :)
giraffesonparades Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
AAAWWWWW YEA! These are awesome!
ZenaStar Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
:D oh my gosh thank you! im glad somebody thinks so :)
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